Include Me from the Start

Welcome to Include Me From The Start

Did you recently receive a letter from the Bureau of Early Intervention Services about your child participating in Include Me From The Start? Click here for more information about why you received it and how to contact us.

Include Me From The Start is a school based and preschool initiative for students with significant disabilities. The goal of the project is to inclusively and meaningfully educate all students with significant disabilities in general education classrooms and typical preschool settings.

Include Me consultants provide focused, on-site technical assistance for student teams, as well as parent trainings and professional development. Include Me’s focus is to increase inclusive practices and build capacity in school districts and preschools across Pennsylvania. Include Me services are provided free of charge to participating preschools, school districts, and parents.

Include Me From The Start is an initiative of The Arc of Pennsylvania and the Bureau of Special Education. Our new Include Me Preschool program is an initiative of The Arc of Pennsylvania and the Bureau of Early Intervention Services.

The Include Me site is currently under construction. Please bear with us if you notice any errors or glitches.