2013-09-27 21.10.10What is it?

After our initial years with Include Me From the Start (our school age program), we realized that there were opportunities for increasing the capacity of inclusive practices in preschools across the state. Include Me Preschool is the answer to these opportunities. Our consultants work with Pennsylvania’s preschools to promote inclusive practices and to increase capacity with participating preschools. We support the parents, students, and staff so that we can promote long term inclusion.

What do we do?

Our team of talented consultants partner with local Intermediate Units to provide an array of services to the staff and faculty of participating preschools. Our consultants provide on-site technical assistance, parent and teacher training, and other capacity building projects. Our services are free of charge to participating preschools.

 Where we are

We work with intermediate units and preschools across Pennsylvania. To see where we are for this school year see our list. 


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