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What is Customized Employment?

Customized employment is a job that meets the needs of both the employer and the employee. The customized employment process is designed to match the identified contributions of a job seeker with an employer to improve the business’s bottom line by addressing unmet needs, improving productivity, and/or improving efficiency.



Arc Discovery Employment Transitions (ADEPT) is The Arc of Pennsylvania’s customized employment program. The Arc of PA supports individuals with significant impact of disability to seek and maintain customized employment in their community. As a result, The Arc of PA’s consultants are trained and nationally certified by  Marc Gold & Associates, a national leader in customized employment, to provide Discovery, Customized Employment Job Development, and Systematic Instruction to individuals with disabilities in Pennsylvania who are seeking employment. In addition to providing customized employment services, The Arc of Pennsylvania hosts several certification courses with Marc Gold & Associates for individuals and organizations interested in national certification in Discovery, Job Development and Systematic Instruction.


Are you interested in certification or learning more about our 3 services? Click here to learn more about our certification courses.

What is Discovery?

The Arc of Pennsylvania has partnered with Marc Gold & Associates to offer Discovery certification in Pennsylvania. Discovery is an alternative vocational assessment that seeks to answer the question, “Who is this person?” Our consultants answer this question by developing comprehensive profiles of the job seeker by getting to know the individual. Discovery is a non-traditional, no-fail process, which informs and directs the employment process.   Our nationally certified consultants identify the strengths, interests and conditions for success of the individual job seeker to guide job development. Discovery is the foundation to developing truly customized employment. After completing the Discovery profile for the job seeker, our consultants facilitate and develop a Customized Plan for Employment, which directs customized employment job development activities. A visual resume is also developed for each job seeker.

To learn more about the Discovery Process, click here. You can also view this article of Discovery from The Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce here.

Customized Employment/Job Development

Customized Employment Job Development is unique because of the focus on the employer. Consultants conduct benefit/needs analyses with businesses as they consider how the job seekers interests, contributions and conditions for success can improve the bottom line for the business. Job development occurs as the consultant negotiates a customized job description for the job seeker, which provides mutual benefit to both employer and employee.

Systematic InstructionRobert serving

Systematic Instruction is the process used to teach the ADEPT participant the tasks of the job secured through the customized employment process. Systematic instruction employs the methods of Marc Gold’s Try Another Way approach to teaching job skills.

Real World Examples

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