Include Me Training and Technical Assistance Topics by Category:

Please note that this list is only a sample of training material that can be provided. Training can be customized, created and tailored to the individual needs of Children, Families and Preschool Sites. Training can also be modified to be given to either parents or professionals as a joint audience.


Topic Training
Behavior Positive Behavior Supports

ABC’s of Behavior

Creating Social Stories, Experience Books and Visual Supports

Communication and Behavior (parents)


Paraprofessional Use of Paraprofessionals as Independence Coaches
IEP/Chapter 14 Regulations ABC’s of IEP’s

Chapter 14 Regulations

Overview of Least Restrictive Environments

IEP Overview (from transition to writing goals)

Overview of Early Intervention System

Overview of Transition (Infant/Toddler to Preschool)

Overview of Transition (Preschool to School Age)



Relationship Building The Power of Parents

Collaborative Consultation

Developing Positive Relationships (Parents)

Developing Rapport with Families

Effective Communication Strategy for Children with Severe Disabilities “The Home to School Notebook”


Assistive Technology CARA’s Kit

Community Inclusion for Parents

iPad use and proloquo2go manual

Literacy Building

Specific Diagnoses Raising a Child with Visual Impairments

Educational Considerations for Children with Visual Impairments

An Overview and Educational Modifications for Children with a Diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy

Transportation Staff Training for Individuals with Challenging Behavior and Autism

The Hidden Curriculum and Importance of Inclusion

Educational Considerations for Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Educational Considerations for Children with a Diagnosis of Down Syndrome

Basic Sign Language

Resources 50 Wordless Picture books (list)

Accessing Local Resources (i.e., MA/SSI/CCIS and family support programs)


Disability Awareness Disability Awareness- How to talk to your child’s class

Mikayla’s Voice and Wheels of Friendship Assemblies**

Presentations/Activities on Specific Conditions


Curriculum Play Based Curriculum

Curriculum Adaptations and Modifications

Level Specific Curriculum Development

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