Tiny Miracles Learning Center in Clifton Heights, PA was supported by the Inclusion Grant through BEIS:

The 2014-2015 Inclusion Grant team supporting the Clifton Heights area were able to provide:

  • Staff training on: CARA’s Kit, Sign Language, Developing Relationships with Families, ABC’s of Behavior, Positive Behavior Support
  • On-site consultations to adapt center for children with disabilities
  • Individual Consultations for specific students
  • Family consultations completed
  • Work with Delaware County Intermediate Unit and Early Intervention Technical Assistance to implement Positive Behavior Support System

Meet Joey:

One of the beneficiaries of the Inclusion Grant was Joey. Joey was born with a genetic condition that left him without arms or hands and clubbed feet. Joey had difficulty with gross motor skills, fine motor skills and speech. Include Me Consultants worked with Tiny Miracles Learning Center to help Joey better be included, to adapt the daily routines and to accommodate his needs.

Joey is very well accepted by his Peers and fully participates in all classroom activities with accommodations. Tiny Miracles staff continues to work with Joey’s Early Intervention providers and Joey’s family to ensure that he continues to have a great experience at school!


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