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The Discovery Process

Answering “Who is this person?”

Developing the Profile

Discovery is a process that seeks to understand the strengths, conditions for success, and potential contributions of an individual to better help them find customized employment that is competitive and fulfilling. Our goal is to have our participants be empowered to make real choices in employment and in contributing to the community. Our consultants will seek to understand the individual by conducting extensive research through interviews of both the participant and the people who best know the individual and his or her strengths. This includes teachers, family members, mentors, neighbors and anyone else who plays a large role in the individual’s life. Consultants will also spend time with the participant in his or her home and accompany the participant to activities in school and wherever the individual spends time engaged in activity within the community. Consultants will observe and participate in activities with the job seeker to gain a better understanding of the individual and the skills they possess.
Through Discovery, our consultants will develop a solid foundation from which he or she will develop a specially crafted profile using the language and skills taught by Marc Gold & Associates. The profile can be updated by those connected to the participant, or Expanded Discovery may be completed to create a strong story of the individual which will serve as a substitute or supplement to traditional vocational assessments. All of this creates a foundation for the Customized Plan for Employment.

Customized Plan for Employment

Our Consultants will facilitate a Customized Plan for Employment meeting. This meeting is focused on honing in on the conditions for success and potential contributions of the job seeker/participant. Potential employers and employment locations are identified to guide customized job development activities for the participant.

Visual Resume

Information from the Discovery profile and Customized Plan for Employment is used to develop a Visual Resume to present to prospective employers. This unique resume will use media such as videos and photographs to highlight the strengths and potential contributions an individual can offer to a potential employer. The Visual Resume serves as a standout feature in future interviews and employment negotiations.

  • Arc
  • Office of Developmental Programs
    Bureau of Early Intervention

  • The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

  • The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation